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Services We Offer

Every client is different, we will tailor-make a package just for your business and the level of support you require. There will be no extra costs for a phone call or an email and you will never wait more than 24 working hours for a response from us. You will also be welcome to visit our Canvey Island-based office at any time.


Maintain financial clarity and precision. Our expert bookkeeping services help you organise, track, and manage your financial transactions effortlessly.


Efficient, accurate, and on time. Our payroll management service takes the hassle out of paying your employees, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.


Are you concerned about accurate VAT accounting? Our meticulous multi-point VAT checking process guarantees that our clients' returns are submitted accurately and punctually provides our clients with invaluable peace of mind


Navigating CIS complexities made easy. We offer specialized support to ensure your compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme, keeping your business on the right track.

Our Process

Who Do We Work With?


We support ambitious business owners regardless of the business structure. We provide bookkeeping for various industries specialising in construction and algriculture.

Sole Traders and Partnerships

thriving businesses begin with efficient financial management. We provide tailored solutions to simplify your accounting, taxes, and financial planning, allowing you to focus on growing your venture

Limited Businesses

our services offer the expertise needed to navigate complex regulations and optimize financial strategies. From bookkeeping to compliance, we ensure your business maintains a strong financial foundation.


We help turn innovative ideas into successful ventures by offering comprehensive support in setting up financial systems, managing cash flow, and establishing a solid financial foothold from day one.

What Clients Say

CC Clothing

Would absolutely recommend Gemma I could not be without her experience, attention to detail and on hand advice.

Lady and The Camp

Exceptional service, very professional and personal, was originally worried due to the private nature of my documents, however my mind was quickly put at ease, would highly recommend.

Craig Bradley

I have changed my accountant 3 times in 6 years but since finding Gemma 3 years ago I know I won't have to look again. She is always available to talk to and ask questions and even through lockdown she took care of everything related to furlough and tax guidance. I am useless with paperwork but she manages to get everything sorted so I can just get on with running my business.

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