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Bookkeeping Specialists in the Construction Industry Scheme

Edenbookkeeping CIS 002.jpg

  • We have been working with clients in the construction industry since day one, many years ago! As you can imagine there isn't much we haven't seen, we have a great understanding of the pain points of managing finances for those working in construction.


  • Not only do we take care of the CIS compliance, but we also have vast knowledge of the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge. This has been an area of confusion for many in the construction world, with a professional on board you no longer need to worry about getting your head around the complexities of VAT.

  • When our clients hand us the reigns to their CIS compliance we take full control, meaning there are no more HMRC penalties, subbies asking for statements, last minute panics to submit returns and you can be sure all submissions are correct. 

  • This peace of mind has been invaluable for clients, it has given them back precious time to do what they do best, allowing them to sleep easy knowing their business finances and compliance is in good hands!

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