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All About Us

Virtual Finance

Eden Bookkeeping Solutions is an Essex-based bookkeeping practice run by me, Gemma Le-Rossignol Bradley, specialising in working with overwhelmed, ambitious business owners.

We take away the day-to-day stress of managing your business finances and meeting compliance deadlines. We are not just here to punch the numbers, we are here to get to know your business and support you throughout the year, not just at year-end.


We don’t give you Accountants jargon, we make sure we are giving you the information you need to help grow your business, after all every big business starts small!

Gemma Le-Rossignol Bradley Eden Bookkeeping Solution CEO

Feel free to get in touch for a chat.


What Can We Do For You?


We give you time!

We can give you back your evenings and weekends. Instead of frantically trying to meet a deadline, rummaging around for receipts and trying to fathom accounting software (which contrary to the claims…does not do it all for you!) enjoy time with your family, pop out for lunch and a pint, or even try out a new hobby (knitting, sky diving, whatever tickles your fancy). 

We give you peace of mind!


Knowing your books are up to date and accurate means your deadlines will be met and your tax bill won’t be a whopping great surprise at the end of the year. We set you up on either Xero accounting software, so managing your finances can be done easily through an app on your phone. Basically, you can worry less and spend more time running your business.


We give you knowledge!

If we asked you how your business performed last month, would you know? Probably not. Fear not…we can tell you! We can tell you where you spent, what product or service was your biggest earner, who was your best customer, and that’s just to start! 

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